SAP Apprenticeship

  • Six-week immersion program at SAP focusing on teamwork and communication using SAP Productivity and Collaboration tools while covering topics from Design Thinking to Industry Trends (IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Analytics, Data Intelligence)
  • Program culminated with the presentation of the results of a 2-week Design Thinking Project: the team simulated the process of assisting a library system to migrate from a card-based catalogue to a digital method. This involved numerous technologies such as XML, JavaScript, the OpenSAPUI5 framework, and more.

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sparse-line is a bash script that provides a dynamic PS1 prompt à la pureline without invoking git.


manifest is program that generates manifests of packages from various package managers. Designed with love for the paranoid.


rgb2true accepts up to three space separated integers that fall in the range [0,255]. It will return a printf argument ready to use.


Create menus with PHP.


TypeScript Provides types for the US National Weather Service's forecast API and a helpful URI builder.


TypeScript This fork is a TypeScript implementation of dlv. Safely get a dot-notated path within a nested object, with ability to return a default if the full key path does not exist or the value is undefined.


TypeScript A weather add-on for Gmail!


Image Lightbox, Responsive and Touch‑friendly.


Publication lists with bibtex and PHP.