Life in Burlington

Burlington, Vermont is a pretty great city. I grew up in the metropolis known as New York City.

Bona fides

I currently hold three degrees: a B.A. in physics from Lafayette College (2007), an M.S. in applied physics from Northern Arizona University (2009), and an M.S. in physics from Mississippi State University (2012). For my first master's, I conducted research and completed a thesis on the synthesis and usage of methanol as a renewable energy carrier. Upon graduation, I pursued other research opportunities and completed a second master's thesis: this time on ultracool dwarf astronomy.

At this point, you're probably wondering when I learned to make websites and such. Oh, you're not? Carry on.


I've worked as a freelance developer and computer troubleshooter for several years now. While I do enjoy problem solving for the sake of it, I most enjoy helping regular people learn to use computer technology and to express themselves online.